Kimchi Collard Greens and Crispy BBQ Tofu

Earlier this summer I ordered a dish at a local restaurant with collard greens and kimchi, and it changed my life. I've never had the combination before, but the two are a perfect match.

I don't know how the local restaurant prepared theirs, but I've played around with the idea for the last few months (ask my friends and colleagues, they'll tell you. I've made them eat it more than once), and I've come to a recipe that I think is really delicious and super easy to make.

For those who don't know, kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish popular in korean cuisine. There are many types of kimchi but only one that is really popular in the U.S., and that's the one I've used in this dish. It's nappa cabbage kimchi (or Baechu-kimchi), and you can find it in most grocery stores. An asian grocery will have a few more options. 

I've paired the greens here with a crispy BBQ Tofu that you'll find elsewhere on Crisp - both the bbq sauce and the collard greens have a sweet and tangy vibrancy to them, combined with the fattiness of the bacon and the creaminess of the tofu, the two work together very well.

But, you can also just make the greens and serve them as a side to a pork roulade or whole roasted chicken ... anything really. Hey, just eat them out of the pan by themselves, I don't care.

Kimchi Collard Greens and Crispy BBQ Tofu