Crisp is a fresh food recipe blog from Christopher Ankney.

Who is Christopher Ankney?



What You’ll Find On Crisp

  • New recipes a few times a month, sometimes more frequently.

  • A lot of vegetarian options. I don’t eat strictly vegetarian food, but I live with someone who does, so that’s often what’s on the menu.

  • Answers to your questions in the comments.

  • Guest blogs, from time-to-time? Maybe!

  • Reader requests, probably. Have something you want to see on the blog? E-mail me!

What You Won’t Find On Crisp

  • Long stories about the food. I don’t want to write those. You don’t want to read those. So we’re not going to have any of those.

  • Lentils.

  • Probably not a lot of desserts. If you want to guest blog about a dessert recipe, send me an email!

What’s The Best Way To Follow Crisp?

  • I recommend instagram. Click here to follow, or find the link in the website footer.

  • You can sign up for our periodic e-mails below. They’ll be brief, intermittent, and contain a quick digest of what’s new on the blog.

  • You can also subscribe to the RSS feed. I don't know if people still do that, but it's option.

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