Sweet Potato and Roasted Poblano Soup

I don't like sweet potatoes. This is a position that often gets me in heated discussions with family and friends around the holidays because "How can you not like sweet potatoes?!"

Well, I just don't, OK! 

Ok, there is one exception to this rule — Curried Sweet Potato Fries. Sliced into strips, covered in freshly ground curry spices (cumin, coriander, chili pepper, turmeric, etc) and roasted until crispy, sweet potatoes transform from an unpalatable overly sweet and weirdly savory mush to a delicious spice-forward slightly sweet treat. 

That one exception to the rule had me curious to try this sweet potato and roasted pepper soup I discovered in my research for Soups Month here on Crisp. It's made with a base of deep pepper flavor that balances the sweetness from the potatoes. It's accented with acid from lime juice, and pulled together with the creamy fattiness of cold sour cream. 

The final result is a velvety smooth purée with surprising depth of flavor that doesn't mask the sweet potato or accentuate it's sweetness. Instead, this soup highlights the vegetable in a way that will change your mind about sweet potatoes — no matter what you think about them currently.

I served this soup with a slow cooker black bean side dish and a mango-lime coleslaw, and they were the perfect compliments to the warm, slightly spicy soup.

To save time, you can roast and peel the poblanos the day before and just let them rest in the refrigerator until you're ready to make the soup.

Sweet Potato and Roasted Poblano Soup