Spring Fettuccine With Arugula Pesto and Asparagus


This pasta dish is the perfect way to welcome the cool breeze and warmer weather of Spring and early Summer back into your life. And here in Michigan, that is a very important thing.

For the fettuccine here, I used the same pasta recipe you'll find on my [RAVIOLI] recipe, but instead of stuffing it, I just used a pizza cutter to slice the pasta sheets into 1/4inch or so noodles. Easy, peasy. You can also use store bought. Even easier, peasier!

I like the peppery bite arugula gives to the pesto, the walnuts add a nice textural element, and I don't think I need to say anything about asparagus -- It's delicious no matter what.

I claimed in an earlier post on Crisp that a recipe was  "an easy weeknight meal" and a friend told me it took her three hours to prepare. So, I say this having received and internalized that feedback: If you used the store bought pasta, this is an easy weeknight meal! 

Spring Fettuccine With Arugula Pesto and Asparagus