Chorizo and Black Bean "Lasagna"

I know what you're thinking. "Is this really a lasagna?" No. Instead of noodles we use tortillas and instead of everything else you'd normally find in a lasagna we use other things. It's probably more like a casserole. 

"Ok, but is it burnt? Why is it so black?" Not burnt, there's a dark, rich, flavorful toasted chili sauce serving as the base of this casserole. It's punch-you-in-the-face packed with flavor.

"Sounds good. Should I make it?" YES! That's why you're here!

If you don't eat meat you can find pretty good soy chorizo options. Just add some additional oil to the pan during the sauté step.

Mmmm. Look at dem layers.

I topped this lovely slice with pickled onions and "lime crema" which is just sour cream mixed with some lime juice and a little salt. Both add a nice tart zinginess to the dish which offers relief from the intensity of the fillings. They marry perfectly together into a delicious combo, so don't leave these off your finished dish!

Full disclosure: This is a version of a dish I originally saw in the NYTimes.

Chorizo and Black Bean "Lasagna"