Thai Brown Rice and Peanut Bowls with 6-Minute Egg

If you couldn't tell from the giant picture on the Crisp homepage, I'm a sucker for dishes with eggs on them. I cook a lot of eggs - but this was actually my first attempt at doing a 6-minute egg, which cooks the white through but leaves the yolk runny, turning it into a rich, gooey, and incredibly delicious sauce for this otherwise super light and refreshing dish.

If the concept of the 6-minute egg sounds a little scary to you, I know how you feel. I boiled up several extra, certain that I would mess up at least half of them. But they all came out perfectly. I credit The Food Lab for this success.

The Food Lab, from Kenji Lopez-Alt, is a giant TOME of a book, and it's exhaustive section on perfectly cooking eggs has come in handy more than once. This breakdown from Kenji on the Serious Eats website should be a good primer. 

For the rest of the dish: Brown rice forms a base, but we top it with a tossed salad of sorts featuring napa cabbage, cucumber, golden beets, bean sprouts, and a warm and slightly spicy thai peanut dressing.

It's so fast and so delicious, you'll be wondering why you haven't been making it every week. 

BRB, making it again right now.