Three Cheese Ravioli With Bacon-Fried Brussels Sprouts

I made ravioli for the first time earlier this year for a harvest themed dinner party I threw with three other friends who cook. They were a hit, so I wanted to try it again for Crisp (plus, I need to justify the expense of the pasta roller I bought).

If you've made ravioli before, you can probably not read a lot of the steps below - but I wanted to be detailed for those who may make a go at this for the first time. It's pretty simple, but it is a time commitment. So throw on a podcast (I recommend Midpoint podcast) and get to work!

Yum yum yum! Seriously, you will have so many ravioli after this. It makes about 6 dozen.

The filling is a simple, bright cheese filling that will allow you to dress it up anyway you want. This recipe uses bacon-fried Brussels Sprouts and a simple sauce. But, you'll have so many ravioli that you can freeze a lot of them for multiple preparations.

After you freeze them, you'll be just five minutes away from homemade ravioli and delicious marinara sauce. Want ravioli in a cream sauce topped with seared salmon? Easy. Need a puck for a game of table hockey? You have until it defrosts.