Black Bean and Potato Tostada

This dish came about as an accident, but what a happy accident it was!

When deciding what to make for breakfast one Saturday morning, I had a few potatoes and a tomato on their last legs. In the pantry, while looking for something to tie them together, I noticed an extra can of black beans and some white corn tortillas nearing the end of their life as well. And thus, our black bean and potato tostada was born.

I didn't have everything I would have chosen to have on hand were I planning to make this, but I'm almost glad that's the case because it was a smashing success as is and I wouldn't change a thing.

This brunch is a wonderful combination of spicy (the bean/potato mixture) and acidic (the fresh tomato salsa); crunchy (the fried tortilla) and velvety smooth (the sunny side up egg).

Give it a try, you'll love it.


Black Bean and Potato Tostada