Saag "Paneer" with Tempeh and Tomatoes

This recipe is adapted from the wonderful, amazing, if you're not familiar with her you should be, Meera Sodha.

Her original recipe (from the book "Made In India") used traditional Indian paneer, which I don't particularly like. But I love tempeh, and it worked perfectly well in this dish.

I've been trying to successfully cook Indian food for several years, but it wasn't until I started fresh-grinding my own spices that it finally started to click. If you want to venture into Indian cooking, or you've been trying and are dissatisfied with your results, that is the #1 thing you can do to automatically make your food taste better – Use freshly ground spices. 

This dish is colorful on the plate, and a dance of bright flavors in the mouth.

I've heard from several friends that they're not too familiar with tempeh, or they're not sure what to do with it. You'll probably be seeing a lot of tempeh on Crisp. I find it to be incredibly versatile – from BBQ to Stir Fry, I've used tempeh in many varied dishes, and I've yet to find a use I wouldn't recommend. So, if you haven't used tempeh before, this recipe is a pretty safe place to start.

Also, I served this with Na'an and Meera's Cumin Rice, which is a recipe available in her book, but not on this website. Any rice will do!

Saag "Paneer" with Tempeh and Tomatoes